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Cheap Unoccupied House Insurance and Holiday Home Insurance

If you are looking for an Unoccupied House Insurance and are uncertain of what next step to take, Rent or Sale, which ever route you chose, it is important to select the right kind of Unoccupied House Insurance. By it's very nature an Unoccupied Home brings it's own Insurance Challenge. What kind of Unoccupied House Insurance quote can you expect to obtain for a Vacant Property, can you obtain a realistic Empty House Insurance quote?, Look no further We can help! We can also offer UK Holiday Home Insurance. These types of properties also can remain empty during long periods and most Insurers will not entertain them. We can offer UK Holiday Home Insurance even if Let to people outside of the immediate family.

Crown Insurance have vast experience of Unoccupied House Insurance, we have specially negotiated House Insurance schemes for different types of Vacant Homes. Try our Instant quote system for Empty House Insurance and Holiday Home Insurance

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Whatever the reason, we have the the Unoccupied House Insurance Policy to suit your needs, whether it be Insurance required for a temporary or a long term Unoccupancy, for Houses, Bungalows, Shops with Flats above or Holiday Homes We can tailor an Unoccupied House Insurance policy to give you peace of mind about your vacant Home. We can also offer Three Different Levels of Insurance cover, you chose what is right for you.

Level 1 Cover - Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake & Subsidence

        Level 2 Cover - Full Standard Cover Excluding Malicious Damage & Theft

      Level 3 Cover - Full Standard Cover Including Malicious Damage & Theft

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Insurance for a unoccupied home was designed for home owners who travel often and leave their homes unattended for a period of thirty days or more. Most people are not aware that their home may not be covered while they are on extended trips.
It is not easy to find insurers to cover vacant homes and unoccupied homes in a standard policy. In insurance terms a vacant property is not the same as an unoccupied property. An unoccupied property is only temporarily vacant and, the residents will be returning. Vacant properties are empty with no one living there, and they are prone to burglary and squatting problems.

A vacant House insurance will be way more restrictive and will only pay for damages that are spelled out in the contract. Some Policies can be sold for three months to six months, and can be renewed on a monthly basis for up to two years. These are temporary policies and a genuine effort will have to be made to sell the property or have someone move into it.

Having someone checking on your home while you are away is not the same as having someone staying there full time. If your insurance company finds out that your home has been empty for up to thirty days they can cancel your policy.

Home-owners whose houses are still on the market after they have moved can find themselves in this predicament. They have the option of buying vacant property insurance or have a house sitter live at the house until it is sold. Even the vacant property insurance will not cover all of your liabilities. The usual; fire, lightening, and water damage will be covered, but vandalism will not be covered.

Holiday Home insurance is more costly since it is only partially unoccupied throughout the year. It has the same high risk status as any other unoccupied home. It is unlikely that you will get a standard home owners policy on a vacation home. Most Holiday Home Insurers will issue a policy that also will allow you to rent or lend your home to family and friends.

Insurance for Unoccupied House in the UK is definitely very different from the standard home or building insurance policy. It is a non-standard type of insurance as the UK companies that make such insurances take into an account various circumstances. Often people might get surprised when they find that their ordinary home insurance policy does not cover the situation when the property has no occupant.

One of the first questions that arise in the process of getting a vacant house insurance policy for any property is for how long the property is supposed to be unoccupied. This depends mostly on the reason why the property is considered unoccupied.

Such reasons might be: the building might be empty because it is in a probate, the owner renovates it in order to sell it, there might be some construction works that expand the house, the house is prepared for tenants or the property is bought as a vacation or holiday home.

The majority of these reasons require a cover for a short period (no more than 30 days) and this is the most wanted type of unoccupied home insurances in UK. After that period the insurance usually could be transformed into a normal building insurance if the house gets occupied.

The cover for unoccupied properties in the UK also differs from company to company and depends on the conditions of the property, its intended purpose and period of vacancy. For a shorter period some of house Insurers policies require the home to be heated, for longer periods, the Insurers might impose various actions to be done by the owner of the property for the cover to be active. Such actions might include finding a way to observe the property every one or two weeks (like asking a neighbour to take a look at the house), stopping electricity in the house, making regular drainages of the water, etc.

Insuring the unoccupied property is vital if the landlord or the owner wants to be sure any accidents that might happen during the period of vacancy will be covered. The usual insurance might not cover the period in which the house is unoccupied or the covered risks might be drastically lower in amount than the owner expects. These types of insurances are often tailored to the specified building and involve on site inspection .

If the empty property is in a stage of building or developing the policy usually does not has the contents covered as such properties do not have any contents. There are also two types of cover - the basic and the extended cover and the later might include risks like accidental or malicious damage.

If the empty property is being renovated for one to qualify for the extended cover, the extension or renovation works usually has to be done by a qualified contractor and not by the owner alone. However some Lloyds insurers may offer Builders All Risks for an additional premium.

All these are things one has to have in mind when obtaining unoccupied property in the UK or the occupied property suddenly becomes vacant due to any reason. The most important is that the policy for an occupied property most probably won't cover the period when the building is empty. For such times a separate insurance for an unoccupied property should be purchased. And when the vacant period ends what is important is if there are any taxes or fees to convert the policy to one of occupied property insurance.