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Property Renovation Insurance

Specialists in Residential Property Renovation Insurance

Whether you are an Individual, or a Builder Specialising in Property Renovation Projects, you need peace of mind, not only Insuring the Structure of the Renovated House but also Full Protection for the works in progress and materials kept on site. Most Standard House Insurance Policies will not cover against Theft and other types of losses.

We at Crown Insurance have negotiated with Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London, our own Insurance policy providing the best cover possible for Renovation to Private Domestic Property.

Most Insurance Policies for Renovation Works only cover Fire, Theft, Explosion &, Aircraft. Perils In some circumstances we may be able to offer additional Insurance cover depending on the level of work being carried out and the level of security on on the renovation site..


Please complete the form giving all details of the Property and Renovation Works to be carried out. Our Experienced Underwriter will contact you to discuss the best way forward to Insure your Renovation Works


For all your Property Renovation Insurance enquiries Tele: 01784 436 262

The importance of renovation insurance

Renovation building works on a property you have just bought to renovate, and it could be too easy to overlook the need for appropriate and adequate insurance cover and it could prove a very costly oversight. Proper Renovation Insurance would buy the peace of mind and financial security you need. Whether you are renovating a house that you intend to let, sell it or live in yourself we can help. We have a range of policies to cover these situations.:-

  • For let property we can provide landlords insurance cover
  • For property you intend to sell consider unoccupied property insurance
  • The fact is that renovating a property usually involves quite a number of circumstances unlikely to be covered by standard buildings and contents insurance. Even if you have this, you may find that such standard cover will lapse if the property is left vacant for more than a month and, of course, many renovation works are likely to take rather longer than this. The chances are any existing insurance on the property will not suit a renovation insurance policy.

Since the needs of each property owner are going to be different and because there is such a huge range of different types of property insurance, it is highly recommended to talk to our specialist insurance adviser..

Some of the reasons for seeking such specialist advice lie in the particular risks associated with a property that needs to lie unoccupied whilst being renovated. An empty house of course is rather more vulnerable to vandalism and fire. But even in the face of the standard risks of fire, storm or flood damage, not only the original structure, but all new renovated work needs to be covered also.

On top of that ,you will need to cover the additional risks associated with the building works themselves. These will probably involve a higher level of public liability to cover your obligations and responsibilities towards the workers you may employ to do the renovation work. There will also be a need for employer’s liability cover, not to mention insurance for the materials and equipment on site. The majority of these risks would l need to be insured if you plan to carry out the renovation works..

If the builder contracted to work on the project has his own liability insurance, which should normally be the case, you will still need cover for his own obligations and liabilities during the building works, such as site safety and security and employers’ liability. for labour-only subcontractors.

Important to remember, Renovation insurance covers a whole package of insurance covers not usually associated with a standard home insurance policy. If you are refurbishing or renovating a property and the works are going to be lasting more than a month, renovation insurance should should be a priority before works commence.