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Converted Building Insurance - Converted Barn Insurance -

Converted Building Insurance for Residential & Commercial Property. 

If you own a Property that has been converted from it's original use as a Pub, Church, Industrial, school House or Farm Building into a Block of Flats or Private Dwellings, it comes with it's own Insurance challenge. How best to Insure it, How best to describe it, How much to correctly Insure it for?

We at Crown Insurance have years of experience Insuring these types of risks. We have negotiated with Underwriters at Lloyds of London to Insure most types of Converted Building. From Barns, Pubs and Houses in fact, most types of Property.



Please complete the form giving all details of the Converted Building to be insured. One of our experienced Underwriters will contact you to discuss the best option for your Converted Building Insurance requirements.

Converted House Insurance - Converted Barn Insurance

Converted School House Insurance - Converted Church Insurance

Converted Farm Building Insurance - Converted Pub Insurance


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                              Insuring a converted property

Insuring a converted property is an area that needs the expert knowledge and experience of insurance specialists .The trend towards buying a converted property or a property in need of renovating or perhaps a barn conversion, has grown in popularity in recent years and as a feature of this trend, many property speculators are increasingly finding older, larger Buildings to convert into flats or apartments.

We can arrange insurance cover for your property conversion project before the development begins. So from start to finish it means your property will be fully insured at all times.

If you have bought a converted house, with a view to converting the property into flats, then your solicitor will have done the normal searches during the conveyance process. This may however throw up the possibility that some renovation or conversion work has been done on the property in the past for which the relevant planning consent was either never granted or maybe not applied for. In these cases, you may need additional insurance to cover the potential cost of any litigation or retrospectively gaining planning permission.

Completing our Get a Quote Now Property Quotation Request Form will send your details to our Underwriter that specialises in Insurance for converted properties. There is no obligation to proceed and you will hopefully be impressed with the converted property insurance quotes you receive.

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Converting an old farm building, pub, church or village hall into a new home is an expensive and alot of hard work. Insuring a Converted Building may not be that expensive.

The Web has changed the way that Home Insurance is purchased. The days of ringing or visiting your street broker or having a man from the Pru’ calling to buy your various Insurance policies are, a thing of the past. For quite a few years now, the Web has been the preferred way for people looking for a quick and convenient way to buy insurance.